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Festive platter

Festive platter

Discover the rich, bold taste of Festive Platter gourmet collection! Serve it with dried fruits, crostinis or spicy chutneys!

Vintage Cheddar flavour block

Extra Strong Cheddar flavour with slightly crumbly texture. As you taste it the strong flavour develops in your mouth and makes it tantalising tasty. Its depth of flavour makes it an inspired and  exceptionally tasty cooking vegan cheese. Also best savoured on its own with crackers and a chutney of your choice in a platter that will surely travel you to the nostalgic flavours of the past.

Blue flavour block

Experience the rich, nutty and savory taste of GreenVie Blue and immerse yourself into new taste combinations! Serve it on wine board side to plum jam and enhance the blending of blue’s aromas with the sweetness of the jam or add a touch of sophistication to your risotto with some GreenVie Blue shreds on top!

Mushroom & Truffle flavour block

Tastes nutty, earthy and salty, similar to a mystery... The distinctive layers of mushrooms can be seen throughout the cheese. Spoil yourself with its versatile taste!

Cheddar flavour with apricots

We paired the sharpness of cheddar with the sweetness of apricot, for a taste that's truly sophisticated.

Everyday is a special occasion... Celebrate life with GreenVie Festive platter!